Monday, July 09, 2007

Requests Presented to Marquette

The following are requests for a commitment being presented to the Marquette group from the subdivisions effected by the proposed development via the West Galveston Island Property Owners Association. Hope all is well and please post your comments.

Marquette Development
Beach Front Subdivision

A commitment list for beach front subdivisions for an agreement with Marquette Development:

· Include in a shoreline protection engineering study the areas from the end of the Seawall to 13 Mile Road with recommendations in what needs to be done to stabilize the erosion rates. Among the considerations of the study should be planning for integration of both existing and proposed protective structures, with particular emphasis on the interfaces between subdivisions using different technology designs.

· Include in covenants and deed restrictions for the development areas from 8 mile road to 11 Mile Road and South of Stewart Road to the beach, a mechanism for monetary assessment for beach preservation.

· Investigate the possibility in setting up a Management District or a Public Improvement District. Investigate if the West Galveston Island Conservation District can be used for this purpose.

· Participate and provide funds for beach restoration, protection, renourishment or enhancement of the beach seaward of the line of vegetation.

· Any beach protection systems that may be installed by Marquette or any other entity in the project currently identified as The Preserve at West Beach will not create any accelerated erosion of the beach in front of adjacent areas.

· The Preserve at West Beach will not negatively impact the water pressure provided by the City of Galveston to the homes.

· Marquette will cooperate regarding vehicular traffic flows, parking and routing of traffic and encourage their residents not to cross private lots to have access to the beach.

· Marquette will cooperate to encourage the City of Galveston to find a permanent solution for lack of drainage of rainwater in the beach subdivisions adjacent to the Marquette properties.

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