Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Marquette Group Rezoning Meetings

I'm exhausted from going to meetings!

Monday - Kathe Giebelhaus, Bill Husemann, Gerri Empey, Tom Empey attended a presentation of the master community plan that the Marquette Group is proposing. The questions got heated with some of the people attending. See the article in the Galveston Daily News (Tuesday edition).
Tuesday - 2pm I went to a Task Force meeting with people from Spansih Grant, Burmuda Beach and a couple other subdivisions, Jerry Mohn and, Darren Sloniger who is the Managing Director of the Marquette Land Investements, LLC. At this meeting it was discussed that if or when they put in some sort of sand sock or tube that the properties on the end of these become more vulnerable to increased errosion. At this meeting it was asked of them to please involve or at least let the subdivisions know what they are planning and see if it's feasible to piggy back with them. Tom and I both met Darren Sloniger and have his contact information.
After the meeting I spoke with Darren and they will NOT access 8 mile road from the subdivision west of 8 mile. Also, he said they are going to own where the water tower is being taken out. And I just want to make sure everyone is aware, and understands, that along 3005 on the back row of this subdivision they will have midrises and multi-family units.
Tuesday - 4pm The City of Galveston Zoning meeting. Again if you go to the Galveston Daily News (Wednesday edition) you can read about what happened at that meeting. It has been tabled for two weeks to get some more information. Things that were brought up: Traffic, evacuation,Insurance rates, increased possibility of the island splitting if there are more cuts and digging, only one subdivision backed them up.

*** This is a 20 year plan for this project, the first phase will be on the north side of 3005 and west of 8 mile road (across the street from the Gaff Top) ***
In that 20 year period the city will have to make changes in the infrastructure anyway. I'm sure it will go through, they might be able to ... perhaps not allow the highrise on 11 mile road, but I would think everything else will go forward as planned.
A lot of people spoke at both the Monday meeting and the zoning meeting on Tuesday and although they need more time to think about it, the Marquette group is being very thoughtful and helpful working with the city and citizens to make this a partnership. They have set a lot of land aside for "Preserve" uplands and lowlands and have really been trying to come in and make this a planned community instead of just chopping it up and selling it off.
That's what I think anyway ...
Any questions or comments, let me know.

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